Isaak ben Heskel

Snarky jewish assamite sorcerer


Isaak ben Heskel

Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Philosopher
Generation 7
Current Blood: 20
Current XP 29

Strength 00
Dexterity 0000000 (Catlike Reflexes)
Stamina 00

Charisma 00
Manipulation 00
Appearance 00

Perception 000
Intelligence 0000 (Knowledgable)
Wits 000

Alertness 000
Athletics 00
Awareness 000
Subterfuge 000
Empathy 0000 (Aura Reading)

Melee 000
Stealth 000
Archery 0
Etiquette 00

Academics 0000 (Mathematics)
Enigmas 0000 (codes)
Investigation 000
Occult 0000 (Mystical powers)
Theology 00

Generation 00000
Resources 00000
Status 0

Conscience 000
Self-Control 000
Courage 0000

Path of Humanity

10…Selfish Thoughts
9… Minor Selfish Acts
8…Injury to Another
6…Accidental violation of another
5…Wanton destruction
4… Impassioned Violation
3…Planned violation
2…Casual violation of another
1…Vile Horrors


Auspex 0000
Celerity 000

Thaumaturgy 0000
Potestas Vitae 0000
Creo Ignem 000
Potestas Motus 000

Known Rituals
Encrypt/Decrypt Missive0
Commune With Cainite00
Return of the Heart 0000

Merits and Flaws
Outspoken Heretic (Jew) -4
Prey Exclusion (No Jews) -1
Multi-Lingual +3
Literacy +1
Celestial Attunement +1

Languages Spoken
Latin, Yiddish and German (both native and mutually intelligible) Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Italian

Freebie Expenditures
1 on Status
1 on Generation
7 on Auspex
7 on Celerity

Experience Expenditures
5 to bring Celerity to 2
15 to bring Auspex to 3
19 to bring Creo Ignem to 3
2 to bring Athletics to 2
4 to bring Stealth to 3
18 to bring Academics, Occult and Enigmas to 4
2 to bring theology to 2
7 to obtain Potestas Motus,
4 to bring potestas motus to 2
3 to bring Archery to 1
5 to bring Etiquette to 2
15 xp to bring willpower to 7

Writing implements and materials as well as an astrolabe
clothes for synagogue
shabbat candles etc
a set of clothes for formal occassions
a wineskin (which is not for wine)
Crossbow (3L AP 2)
longsword (Str+3 L)
maille shirt (class two light armor, rating 3)

Havoc=Jewish Friend From Romania, angered an official=Bishop, “needs help operating in the city”


Isaak was born in 1066 in Wurzburg, and lead a rather uneventful life. He was, as someone who was highly intelligent but had most avenues of education barred to him, training to be a rabbi in 1096. When the Crusaders came. They slaughtered a third of the jewish population of the region in horrific fashion, and drove many of the rest—including Isaak, now bereft of family—to flight. Isaak ended up trying to resettle in Hungary, but the crusaders came before he could so much as learn the local language. He left again and got ahead of the crusade, ending up in Constantinople. He still had some money, but no profession. He was faced with the prospect of trying to backtrack through Europe, a place he decided was hostile to him so he was not about to go back.. Anywhere. While in constantinople he heard of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. Being too stubborn to give up his studies and eager to learn Everything the world had to offer at the time, he decided that no matter what lay in Anatolia, Syria, and Palestine, he would get to Baghdad. He got to Baghdad.

There, he became a sponge. Languages, the sciences, history, philosophy. They yielded their secrets unto Him. He began challenging himself further. He turned himself toward more advanced subjects. The mysteries and enigmas of the world became his playthings. Then, one of the other scholars—one who only ever came out at night—Jousef ben Immanuel asked him if he wanted to take his studies even further, into even higher mysteries. Isaak did not hesitate. He did not know it, but he was learning the precursors of Assamite Sorcery. Then, after a long night pouring over a mystic text, Jousef came up behind him, sank his fangs in and drained most of his blood and then poured some of his own blood down Isaak’s throat.Isaak prefers to forget what happened next, but when it was over, Jousef explained what he was. After calming Isaak down, and explaining in terms he could understand how vampirism came into existence and how one could still be properly Jewish while drinking human blood, and how the Embrace was necessary to complete his studies. It was sufficient. Or at least sufficient to permit rationalization. At that point, Isaak was already committed, there was no going back to mortality. Death was not an option. So he soldiered on. His sire taught him about his new world. Clan Assamite, the Sons of Haqim, their duty as sorcerers within that clan. Isaak did not care whether the legends surrounding Haqim were accurate or not. The endeavor was worthy in itself: to judge other vampires, particularly those who abuse mortal kind, and to eliminate them. To fight those who are the worst of the worst (and they could become very bad indeed), they (or rather, the Warrior caste) return their blood (and thus souls) to Haqim (who Isaak takes as a metaphor for G-d at that point). At that point it was 1110, he stayed in Baghdad through the year, then both he and his sire left. His skills would have to be honed. He learned how to lie (as distinct from bearing false witness), how to utilize stealth and weapons, how to move faster than any mortal, see that which could not be seen. And he learned how to utilize Magic. The Torah said not to permit a harmful magic user to live (something that in his thirst for knowledge he neglected to remember, and besides, not all sorcery is harmful…) and some of these spells he learned were certainly harmful, but harmful to whom? The Laws were written for men interacting with men, to order society, to set His People above the rest of humanity, and to ensure purity before G-d. Not only is some flexibility necessary when one is Undead, but was it not also true that Every Law but the prohibition against idolatry was permissible in defense of life, and was he not acting in defense of the life of mortals, if not his own Unlife? Yes. He was. So long as his actions were in comport with this provision, his behavior would not be Sinful.

They went to the “kingdom of Jerusalem” (G-d forbid Jews rule the City of David. Yet more proof that Jeshua ben Jousef was not the Messiah, afterall, there were far far fewer Jews in Israel now than there had been even 15 years before. Which put the lie to the end to death that should follow his coming) first. He honed his craft there, assisting in the many many judgements against the vampires who had become involved in the Crusades. In 1115, Jousef said he was ready to do to Alamud. He made the journey.

(I need to detail the interim)

In 1196, Isaak was sent to Constantinople to replace a predecessor who had met an untimely end under as-yet unknown circumstances. He has another purpose of course. While his remit is to assist his fellow Assamite in her work and maintain communications, Isaak has another purpose. The Muslims have regained control of Jerusalem, and if the last hundred years is is an indication, the Catholics would respond. The city itself was becoming tense with political intrigue between Greek and Latin interests. There are two reasons this is of interest. The first is prosaic. He wants to secure his people from harm. At first he can do it by himself. By making sure other vampires (and mortals) do not abuse them. Later, he can see to it that they can defend themselves (at least from mortals). The second is that maybe, just maybe, there is something darker going on. One does not need dark portents whispered in their dreams to have some idea of this. Whenever that many powerful greedy, vampiric interests collide in one place that is a strategic crossroad between religions at war with eachother someone, somewhere resorts to black magic and vile nilotic rites. Isaak does not like those things, and will hunt them down and destroy them. Root and Branch.

Isaak ben Heskel

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