Lucretia de Montegriffo

Ambitious Daughter of Genoa


Titles: Magistra Militum of the Latin Quarter, Bishop of the Genoese District, Patrician of Genoa
Clan: 7th Generation Toreador, childe of Agostino Canella.

Willpower: 10/10 Blood Pool: 20/20, 4 per turn

Health: -0 / -1 / -1 / -2 / -2 / -5 / Incap / Torpor

Active Effects: Blush of life, Heightened Senses (All)


Strength 2, Dexterity 4 (Armoured), Stamina 2
Charisma 6 (Awesome), Manipulation 4 (Commanding), Appearance 4 (Alluring)
Perception 6 (The Hidden) , Intelligence 4 (Planning), Wits 3


Alertness 3
Athletics 2
Awareness 2
Brawl 2
Empathy 6 (Reading)
Expression 3
Intimidation 3
Leadership 3
Subterfuge 4 (Half-Lies)

Commerce 3
Etiquette 2
Melee 2
Performance 4 (Oral)
Survival 2

Academics 3
Law 1
Occult 2
Politics 3
Seneschal 3

Clan Disciplines
Auspex 2
Celerity 2
Presence 5

Other Disciplines
Fortitude 2
Dominate 1
Potence 1


Fine mail shirt, Rating 3, Penalty 1

Ornate dagger, 4 Lethal, 2 Armour Piercing

Demeanor: Autocrat

Nature: Fanatic

Virtues: Conviction 5, Self-Control 5, Courage 5

Via Tyrannus

Aura: Command. Scions are self-possessed and confident in their right to rule. Others can feel their commanding presence like a chain placed around the neck. (-1 diff modifier)

10 Neglecting an opportunity to gain power. Opportunity comes only to those who seize it.
9 Treating a peer with disrespect. Do not make enemies unnecessarily.
8 Treating an inferior as an equal. Never let your inferiors get above themselves.
7 Giving up power to a peer. Power is not gained by giving it away.
6 Behaving shamefully before your peers. Your reputation is a part of your influence.
5 Showing weakness in front of inferiors. A leader must be strong.
4 Failing to answer a challenge to your authority. Those who do not protect their power soon lose it.
3 Treating a superior with disrespect. Superiors must be given the respect they are due.
2 Breaking your word to your superiors. Your word is your bond. If your word is worthless, then so are you.
1 Breaking a sworn oath. Oaths of fealty hold the world together.


Resources 5 – As befits a merchant princess.
Retainer 5 – Rossana de Montegriffo is Lucretia’s eldest daughter, right hand woman, and most trusted lieutenant. She is exceedingly competent and able, possessed of a strong will, considerable fighting prowess, impressive social acumen, and great skill in larceny, espionage, and subterfuge. If need be, Rossana can also impersonate her mother with uncanny accuracy, down to the enthralling voice and commanding gaze, allowing Lucretia to conduct her affairs even in daylight.
Retainers 2 – 1) Guy le Noir is a Norman knight and former Varangian who has sworn himself to Lucretia on the promise of wealth and longevity. 2) The Genoese Consul has been persuaded on the virtues of serving Lady Lucretia.
Herd 1 – Lucretia’s four chambermaids.
Military Force – Three banners of 9 knights (Normans and Langobards), 9 crossbowmen (Genoese), and 18 armsmen (various) each. The top two officers of each banner are blood-bound to Lucretia.


Eat Food (1) – You have the capacity to eat food and even savour its taste. While you cannot derive any nourishment from eating regular foods, this ability will serve you well in maintaining the Masquerade. Of course, you can’t digest what you eat, and there will be some point during the evening when you must force yourself to heave it back up.
Powerful Gaze (1) – You have a quality that makes your gaze forceful and menacing. Those who meet your eyes must look away, or else be captured, almost entranced by your gaze. You gain a -2 to the difficulties of all social rolls where you are able to make and maintain eye contact with the person you are dealing with.
Enchanting Voice (2) – There is something about your voice that others cannot ignore. When you command, they are cowed. When you seduce, they swoon. Whether thunderous, gentle, persuading or simply talking, your voice commands attention. The difficulties of all die rolls involving the use of the voice to persuade, charm or command are reduced by two.
Multilingual (2) РZeneize, Proensals, Arabi, Latina, Ellinikí


Dark Secret (1) – The image of a well-bred lady presented by Lucretia de Montegriffo is a lie, a mask behind which hides a woman who once was little more than a common whore, with a pedigree that starts and ends at a street gutter in Genoa. Having spent her life determined to rise above such origins, Lucretia is not about to let them hold her back in the face of the sneering patricians of Constantinople.
Blood Oath (2) – Lucretia has been bound to her Sire since her Embrace. She served him faithfully until he gave in to weakness and failed to uphold his duties as the head of her house. She has renounced his patronage and struck out on her own, and so the bond weakens, but it has not faded yet.
Rival (4) – A curse has been placed by destiny dooming Lucretia to sooner or later make enemies with a Kindred of power and standing in Constantinople.
Refined Diet (2) – The Curse of Caine runs strong in Lucretia’s veins, and opulence has made her palate refined. She may not derive nourishment from the blood of animals.
Prey Exclusion: Children (1) – Taking blood from a child invariably triggers nightmarish memories that drive Lucretia into frenzy.

Build Points: 25

8 – Virtues
5 – Willpower
6 – Abilities
6 – Backgrounds

Experience Points: 195/228

12 – Merits
38 – Abilities
68 – Attributes
77 – Disciplines



Signore Alberto di Sarro – Ventrue, Kindred – Overweight middle-aged man with full head head of hair. Pompous and obsequious, moderately well off, his business is of the sort where everyone knows it’s something but no-one is clear on what exactly, which is to say that maybe some of it is legal. Consul: Honest insofar as he will not cheat you in business arrangements, but not particularly loyal to any cause save himself. Interested mainly in acquiring wealth however he can. Dux: Can only be relied on to line his own pockets.

Signora Fiorella Gatti – Genoese, Lasombra – Young woman with seductive smile, lives comfortably, works as information broker. Lucretia negotiated an exclusivity agreement and made Fiorella her spymaster. Consul: A mystery, nobody quite seems to know her activities, purposes, or goals. Dux: Beholden to no-one but her own greed. Luci: Can’t be trusted, must find leverage.

The Consul – Genoese, Bloodsworn – Well dressed middle-aged man. Official representative of Genoa in Constantinople, former thrall of Bishop Gabriella, now Lucretia’s. Weak-willed and easy to manipulate, but rich and influential. Dead wife, children are grown and in Genoa.

Bishop Alfonso – Venetian, Lasombra – The treacherous lord of Latin Quarter. He is ruthless, cruel, cunning, and extremely dangerous, ruling over his domain with an iron fist. Tall, thin, receding hairline, dressed in absurd opulence and wealth, his three storie tastelessly decorated palace is built like a fortress, with shuttered and barred windows plus a heavy guard. More heavily guarded than usual of late, the stench of fear lingering about its halls. Enemy of Marcus, Lucretia, and all who stand with them. Head bitten off by Ciara during the storming of the Bishop’s Palace.

Christophe Gennuso – Genoese, Mortal – A wilful man around 40 years of age, light brown hair, tall, skinny but going to fat. Wealthiest of the Genoese merchants involved in a dock space dispute with the Venetians. Lucretia resolved the situation in his favour and he is now her client.

Allegra Gennuso – Genoese, Mortal – Wife of Cristophe, around 30 years of age, blonde, pretty. Described as having a spine of steel by her husband, who clearly greatly values her opinion, and she is not at all modest about it.

Petronius the Arbiter – Roman, Toreador – Quesitor of the Michaelites, gives no fucks, scary perceptive, probably scary everything else too. Ally of the coterie, seems fond of Helgi, Ignacio, and Marcus. Luci: Smirked at my title, need to earn his respect somehow.

Lars “The Kraken” Svengaard – Norse, Tzimisce – The Despot of Thessaloniki, formerly an infamous Viking raider and one of the first Varangians. He is a large, handsome man of evident Norse origin, and can transform into a monstrosity that is part river demon, part nightmare-inducing horror of crushing tentacles and rending mouths. In battle he is as a storm, unstoppable as the gale, cruel as the rain, and greedy as the waves. Provided the ships and manpower to raid Bishop Alfonso’s merchant convoy, insisted on leaving no survivors. His strength, power, and intelligence are rather attractive to Lucretia, the feeling is mutual and has developed into a casual relationship.

The Malachite – Greek, Nosferatu – Leader of the Nosferatu in Constantinople. Came to us for aid against a Niktuku hunting down his clansmen, is grateful for the favour.

Geoffrey – Frankish, Nosferatu – The Knight of St. Lazarus rescued by Lucretia and her coterie from a Bulgarian Niktuku. Presently entranced by Lucretia.

Guy le Noir – Norman, Bloodsworn – A Norman knight who fled to Constantinople after killing his cousin in a fight over a woman. He served two decades in the Varangian Guard before swearing himself to Lucretia’s service on the promise of wealth and longevity. Despite being in his early 40s with his hair going to grey, long practice has preserved Guy’s imposing shape, which stands 6’2" tall with broad shoulders and well defined musculature. He is an excellent fighter, with great strength and impressive speed tempered by years of experience. Successfully seduced Lucretia, but her heart remains well out of his reach.

Dux Monica Magna of Genoa – Roman, Lasombra – Lucretia’s beloved liege-lady. Formerly a pretty girl of 12-13 years of age, with has ivory-pale skin, night-black hair, dark eyes, Sanda’s handiwork has made her into a beautiful woman in her early twenties. She wears a simple white silk dress, golden cross and chain hanging from her neck, a belt of gold plates about her waist, and lace sandals on her feet. Has ruled Genoa since before the Republic. Allowed Sanda to take the Grimaldi in exchange for the fleshcraft.

Sanda – Carpathian Tzimisce – Koldun and fleshcrafter, emissary of Yorak the Voivode of Voivodes. A heavy woman nearly six feet in height, wears a dark broquade dress with gold torcs at her throat and wrists. Seduced the Grimaldi away from Agostino Canella with the promise of the power and longevity, then presented him with a fait accompli and dictated terms, albeit generous ones. Lucretia was able to leverage it into an alliance, and is now owed substantial favours from Sanda as payment for the services of the Montegriffo, albeit with the stipulation that the family still belongs to its matron.

Prince Radu of Bistriz – Carpathian Tzimisce – While not a powerful Prince, his domain is on a major trade route and as such he has gained influence as an intermediary between the Tzimisce and outsiders. Sanda used the guise of being his ambassador to get close to the Grimaldi without raising suspicion.

Miriam – Venetian, Mortal – Spirited young woman with dark hair, formerly a serving maid for the Bishop. Almost managed to fight off two mercenaries with dishonourable intentions. Rescued by Lucretia because she was impressed by the fight in the girl. Presently quite heavily entranced by her new lady, agreed to serve her willingly. Her greatest desire is for wealth and power so that no man may touch her. She fears and respects Lucretia, may also lust after her.

Lucretia’s Chambermaids – Venetian, Mortal – Miriam’s friends Anna, Camilla, and Nicoletta. Adore Lucretia on account of being fully bound to her by blood oath.

Lorenzo – Genoese, Mortal – Scribe, notary, secretary, lawyer, in way over his head by working for Lucretia. He is a very enthusiastic servant, sometimes annoyingly so, admires his lady but also finds her intimidating.

Keeper of Secrets – Obertus Tzimisce – The guardian of the Library of the Forgotten, a vast collection of occult and rare works under the Church of Christ Pantrokator. Creepy, insightful, speaks directly into your mind with a voice out of nightmares, has little patience for the foolishness of childer. Does not think Lucretia is worthy of the library, for the Tyrant cares only about enriching herself.

Marcus Musa Giovani – Venetian, Cappadocian – The Giovanni Cappadocians are rivals of the Narsene Lasombra, and business associates of the Montegriffo, they may be willing to pursue an alliance of convenience. Markus Musa is a gifted scholar and talented necromancer, dark haired, early forties, tall and almost but not quite handsome, lacking the deathly pallor of his clan. He wishes Lady Alexia Theusa, head of the local Cappadocians, to back him on his ultimate designs upon the Library of the Forgotten, but she despises the Giovani in general and him in specific.

Giancarlo Manco – Pisan, Ventrue – Big guy, swarthy, nice looking. Most powerful merchant among the Pisan Kindred. He understands that the new management does not want the Venetian’s mercantile depredations to be continued, and is willing to allow for mutual respects between Pisan and Genoese interests in Constantinople. Also volunteered to be the spokesman for his fellow Pisans. Skilled butcher, efficiently dismembered two men for failing him.

Luciano Acerbi – Venetian, Mortal – Handsome young man, early 20s, long dark hair, with a lively but sinister intelligence in his eyes. Competent and ruthless, but limited in resources due to being his family’s third son; he has a reputation as a brash and clever man chomping at the bit life has placed on him. Lucretia offered him the Rectorship of the Matapan Company, and he immediately jumped at it with great lust and hunger. However he did forcefully insist on considerable remuneration on the grounds of the dangers in working for and against Striges.

Marcello Falco – Venetian, Mortal – Early middle age, light beard, moustache, light brown hair, with expensive clothing and gold jewlery. Former client of the Bishop’s, became Lucretia’s client after so much grovelling, ugh.

Lucretia de Montegriffo

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