Matthias Kormos (retired)

You shall not pass

Name: Matthias Kormos
Clan: Brujah
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Defender
Concept: Soldier
Generation: 8th (can spend 3 blood per turn; trait maximum is 5)
Blood Pool: 15
Clan Weakness: The roll to resist frenzy is always +2 difficulty higher than normal.

Description: Matthias is tall, standing 6’0", and has a swordsman’s build – lean, though muscular. He has black hair, and green eyes. He bears a few scars from his time in the military while alive.

Equipment: He still has his old Tagmatarchis armor, well kept, and polished. He has a set of nice clothes for meeting important folk, as well as a collection of his old weaponry from his time in the military, still well-kept.

“I clothe myself in the armor of righteousness,
Arm myself with the blade of just acts,
Shield myself with raw will,
And charge with the passion of a thousand men.

With these things I hunt the monstrous,
The depraved, the hateful, the cancerous,
Those who would prey on the innocent
Shall be weighed, measured, and given their ends."

Background: Born 1097 in the Byzantine Empire, he was born to pig farmers of Constantinople, and given the name Matthias in the hopes of helping to nudge his destiny. As the second son born to the family, when he came of age, he joined the military for his own fortune. He sent money home to help his family, and still supports his mortal family in small, subtle ways even now.

Working diligently, he rose through the ranks to achieve the title of Tagmatarchis by 1125, after ten years of service – more quickly than most. He was eventually assigned to be of the Palace guard, and it was there that he attracted the attention of an odd scholar who only seemed to walk and debate at night.

This scholar appeared to appreciate Matthias’ views that a warrior should be sharp of mind as well as martial of body, and after asking to speak to Matthias alone one night about an “important matter,” introduced him somewhat abruptly to the world of the Damned, though he was given a proper education on unlife from who was now his sire.

Since then, Matthias has has traveled, debated, and fought across half the Empire and beyond – who knows what the future awaits him in the nights ahead?


Physical Mental Social
Strength (Leverage) 4 Intelligence 2 Charisma 3
Dexterity (Cat-like Reflexes) 4 Perception 3 Manipulation 3
Stamina (Tough as Nails) 4 Wits 3 Appearance 2


Alertness 2 In his mind, to be aware of details of your surroundings is necessary to properly make decisions, especially in the heat of battle.
Awareness 2 Being aware of the things not normally noticed has also allowed Matthias to triumph on more than one campaign.
Athletics 4 {specialty: Cat-like Agility) A necessity for a soldier is to move well, even in armor.
Brawl 3 Having the ability to handle yourself when unarmed has come in handy far more than once.
Empathy 2 In juxtaposition, being able to read and understand others is very necessary when conducting war with words, or to simply understand someone better than you did before.
Expression 3 To be eloquent in how you conduct yourself around others is just as important as being able to understand their perspective, in Matthias’ mind.
Intimidation 3 On the other hand, there are times when someone needs to be shown that their place is is face-first in a corner.
Leadership 2 To be a leader of men is something Matthias has done more than once as a Tagmatarchis.
Subterfuge 2 There are times when one needs to be subtle, even when being otherwise loud.


Animal Ken 1 Matthias has spent time getting to know his steeds over the years. He at least tries to understand animals as he does with humans, alive or otherwise.
Archery 3 To say that Matthias has never engaged in long-range assault with a proper bow and arrows would be a complete bald-faced lie.
Commerce 1 Learning to understand the ebbs and flows of how money and favors flow was necessary for Matthias, especially coming as he was from humble beginnings.
Etiquette 1 Though he doesn’t know all the nuances of higher society, Matthias is at least familiar with the basics.
Melee 4 (specialty: swords) A blade has been the symbol of justice, hope, and being able to impose one’s will for Matthias since before he was a soldier.
Performance 3 To properly express one’s self in words is no small thing.
Ride 3 To know one’s steed well always serves a cataphract well in battle.
Stealth 2 Though he often wears armor, there have been times when Matthias has had to take a far more quiet approach.
Survival 1 Pitched campaigns forced him to learn to live off the land, a skill he still finds use for.


Academics 3 Matthias has spent much time poring over tomes and scrolls, engaging in scholarly debate more than once.
Investigation 2 Moreover, being able to figure out what may have happened after the fact is highly useful at times.
Law 2 Knowing the law helps one to stay to the side of it if one needs to.
Occult 1 Though not unfamiliar with the more strange things, Matthias has not made it his primary study.
Politics 1 Along with knowing commerce and more scholarly pursuits, knowing how the politics of a region currently operate has been useful more than once.
Seneschal 2 Though not a large land-holder, knowing the details of such things is also good to know, especially for future plans.


Generation 4 One of the advantages of having a discerning sire, in his case at least.
Resources 5 After several adventures on the high seas, Matthias now has more than enough to call his own.
Status 1 Matthias is known not only for his deeds for Rome during his life, but what he has shown and done thus far in his unlife as well.
Herd 1 (gained through game): two servants purchased from Ignacio assist Matthias in day to day tasks, literally. They also serve to ease his hunger.

Disciplines: (italics denote clan discipline: Celerity, Potence, Presence)

Auspex: 1 – Being stoic and being aware of danger are not mutually exclusive. Matthias’ sharp eyes have saved him more than once.
- Heightened Senses (Auspex 1): may heighten one sense for purposes of (Perception + Alertness), reduce difficulty of such rolls by Auspex rating

Celerity: 4 – Sheer speed is one of the defining traits of how Matthias conducts himself in combat.
Passive: +4 bonus dice to all Dexterity-based rolls, including initiative. +4 meters to movement per turn.
Active: Spend one blood point to activate. Ignore up to +4 points of difficulty due to multiple actions. Up to 2 additional actions may be attack actions. Can also spend one blood point to multiply speed by 4 for a combat turn or a scene.

Fortitude: 2 – Stoicism is one of the virtues Matthias admires, and it evinces itself in his blood’s capabilities.
Passive: Gain 2 bonus dice to all Stamina-based rolls, including soak. Matthias may use these two dice to soak aggravated damage.
Active: Spend one blood point to activate. May automatically soak up to Fortitude rating in damage, instead of adding it as bonus dice to Stamina. This can be used to soak aggravated damage, but not from fire or sunlight.

Potence: 2 – Power is a virtue, and the ability to impose one’s physical will on others definitely has uses.
Passive: Gain two bonus dice to all Strength-based rolls, including damage.
Active: Spend one blood point to activate. May gain the bonus dice equal to Potence rating as automatic successes, rather than bonus dice to Strength-related rolls.

Presence: 2 – Imposing one’s social will on others is just as strategic out of combat. Politics can be a bloody battlefield, after all.
- Awe (Presence 1): roll (Charisma + Expression, diff. 7); successes determine how many people are affected (as p 203; 1s = 1, 2s = 2, 3s = 6, 4s = 20, 5s = everyone in vicinity). Awe affects those with lower Willpower first, and stays active for the remainder of the scene, or until Matthias chooses to end its effect.
- Dread Gaze (Presence 2): Matthias may roll (Charisma + Intimidation) vs. target’s (Wits + Courage); success indicates target is cowed, failure means target is startled but not terrified. 3s+ indicates target runs away in abject fear; those with no way out will attempt to dig their way out of walls. Each success subtracts one die from the target’s dice pools next turn.

Combat Options:
Initiative: 1d10+11 (Wits 3 + Dexterity 4 + Celerity 4)
- Heavy Armor (5B/5L/5A (except fire or sunlight) soak, Dex die penalty of -1 due to heaviness)
- Gambison (
2 soak, worn as undersuit for Heavy Armor; no Dex penalty)
- Cavalry Shield (Dex+Melee Parry of incoming attacks Diff. 6, +1 to difficulty of incoming attacks vs. Melee, +1 to difficulty of incoming attacks vs. Missile)


Sabre (Longsword-class) str+4L parry diff. 6, +1 to difficulty of incoming attacks vs. Melee when parrying, no bonus against missiles
Dagger str+1L parry diff. 5, no bonus to difficulty against incoming attacks when parrying
Shield Bash str+1B parry diff. 6, +1 to difficulty of incoming attacks vs. melee or missile
Lance Str + 3L, armor piercing 3 only used on horseback; +1 damage per turn beforehand spend charging, max. +5
Horseman’s Bow (short bow) 2L, armor piercing 2 range 60 yards), 25 arrows

Prey Exclusion: Children – to Matthias, children are the future of the world, and they are not to be involved with the inner workings of the world. (cannot feed on children; if he accidentally feeds on a child, he automatically frenzies, and must make a roll to prevent Road loss)
Light Sleeper – Awakening at the first sign of trouble is an old ingrained habit. (Can ignore Road rating restrictions for dice available while acting during the day, can awaken immediately out of sleep with no grogginess)
Multi-Linguistics – speaks Greek, Latin, Arabic, Italian


Conscience 3 One must be aware of one’s effects on others.
Self-Control 5 One must be stoic against one’s baser urges to conduct one’sself honorably.
Courage 4 The foundation, in Matthias’ mind, of what one can do.
Willpower 7 one’s will is the foundation of one’s effect on the world.

Via Humanitas (Road of Humanity): 5

10 Selfish thoughts
9 Minor selfish acts
8 Injury to another person
7 Theft or robbery
6 Accidental violation of another
5 Wanton destruction
4 Impassioned violation of another
3 Planned violation of another
2 Casual violation of another
1 The most heinous and demented acts

Ghouls & other Minions:

- Thea (former concubine, now ghoul and blood- bonded)

- Zoe (former concubine, now ghoul and blood-bonded)

- Alastor (personal ghouled warhorse, per p.311 of Dark Ages book)
Background: Having been his warhorse at the time of his Embrace, Matthias strongly attempted to reforge bonds with it afterward – though his patience paid off. Alastor has been his faithful steed since then, and Matthias can truthfully say that he’s had Alastor since before he was Embraced.

Attributes: Strength 6, Dexterity 2, Stamina 5, Perception 3, Wits 3
Willpower 4, Health Levels Ok/Ok/-1/-1/-2/-2/-5/Incap.
Attacks: Trample/Kick (7 dmg, bashing), Bite (3 dmg, lethal)
Abilities: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Empathy 2, Intimidation 2
Control Rating: 3
Blood Pool: 8

Game Notes:

Name Notes
Anna Knomena old Ventrue; boss, patron, old member of the ruling family that Matthias served
latin quarter Follow-up with sniffing out Bishop Alfonso’s influence
Helgi & Marcus Talk about the vicious Gangrel of Alfonso’s

Freebie Point Expenditures (25):
- additional attr. point: sta from 3 to 4

25 freebie points:
2 (willpower from 4 to 6)
-2 (Resources from 0 to 2)
+1 Flaw (Prey Exclusion: Children)
-7 (Auspex from 0 to 1)
-2 (Linguistics from 1 to 2)
-4 (Academics from 1 to 3)
-1 (Background: Status from 0 to 1)
-2 (ability: Intimidation from 1 to 2)
-2 (Merit: Light Sleeper)
-4 (Virtue: Self-Control from 3 to 5)
0 freebies remaining

XP Expenditures:

+3xp (game 1, intro – met Helgi & Marcus, attempted poorly to entice them to join him on his personal interest in Latin dark influences)
+2xp (game 2, matthias hears about the child rapist who must be found and properly chastised. Has not yet told Verangian guard. Marcus talked to Alfonso, was jumped, is now mad at Alfonso)
5xp Total
+20xp bonux xp, as per GM
25xp Total
-12xp Strength from 3 to 4 (13 left)
-4xp Expression from 2 to 3 (9 left)
-4xp Intimidation from 2 to 3 (5 left)
-2xp Awareness from 1 to 2 (3 left))
3xp Total
+2xp game 1 xp reward
5xp Total
+2xp game 2 xp reward
7xp Total
-7xp discipline Fortitude from 1 to 2
0xp Total
+2xp game 3 xp reward
2xp Total
+3xp game 4 xp reward
5xp Total
+2xp game 5 reward
7xp Total
+2xp game 6 reward
9xp Total
-4xp increase Stealth from 1 to 2 (2 points), increase Archery from 1 to 2 (2 points)
-5xp increase Potence from 1 to 2 (5 points)
0xp Total, all currently spent
+3xp game 8 reward
3xp Total
+2xp game 9 reward
5xp Total
-4xp Archery from 2 to 3
1xp Total
+2xp game 10 reward
3xp Total
+2xp game 11 reward
5xp Total
+2xp game 12 reward
7xp Total
+4xp game 13 reward
+1xp game 13 bonus xp
12xp Total
-6xp increase Melee from 3 to 4
-6xp increase Athletics from 3 to 4
0xp Total
+1xp game 14 reward
1xp Total
+3xp game 15 reward
4xp Total
+2xp game 16 reward
6xp Total
+5xp game 18 reward
11xp Total
+2xp game 19 reward
13xp Total
+5xp game 20 reward
18xp Total
-15xp increase Celerity from 3 to 4
3xp Total
+2xp game 21 reward
5xp Total
-2xp increase knowledge Law from 1 to 2
-2xp increase knowledge Seneschal from 1 to 2
1xp Total
+10xp game 22-24 reward
11xp Total
0xp add specialties for Melee & Athletics, since both were at 4 without specialties yet
-6xp purchase Leadership 1, Performance 1
-4xp increase abilities Leadership and Performance both from 1 to 2 each
1xp Total
+1xp game 25 reward
2xp Total
+3xp game 26 reward
5xp Total
+2xp game 27 reward
7xp Total
+2xp game 28 reward
9xp Total
-8xp increase Wits from 2 to 3
1 Total
+3xp game 29 reward
4xp Total
+2xp game 30 reward
6xp Total
+1xp game 31 reward
+2xp game 32 reward
9xp Total
+2xp game 33 reward
11xp Total
+2xp game 34 reward
13xp Total
-8xp increase Perception from 2 to 3
5xp Total
+2xp game 35 reward
7xp Total
+2xp game 36 reward
9xp Total
-2xp increase Investigation from 1 to 2
-4xp increase Performance from to 2 to 3
3xp Total
+2xp game 37 reward
5xp Total
+2xp game 38 reward
7xp Total
+2xp game 39 reward
9xp Total
-2xp increase Ride from 1 to 2
-4xp increase Ride from 2 to 3
3xp Total

Matthias Kormos (retired)

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