Ciara Nic Éire


Name: Ciara Nic Éire
Bloodline: Lamia
Generation: 7th
Concept: Indirect creator of stories and reaper of secrets.
Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker
Nature: Masochist
Road: Road of Lilith
Ciara is not exactly the the classical pale-skinned Celtic redhead; tanned skin and short-cut black hair take the place of those more stereotypical shades. She is short, slim, and severe-looking, not quite trying to avoid appealing, but simply naturally projecting more warning than invitation. When not called on to look outwardly feminine, she affects an unornamented tunic, trousers, and boots of a dark grey shade, well-fitted and loose enough to avoid impairing her mobility, and often wears a simple, similarly-well-made set of lightweight leather armor as well. The combined effect, particularly in armour, leads many to conclude that she is simply a fairly young, androgynous man.

The Lililn spend a huge amount of time and effort and energy seeking out new faces of Lilith to examine and learn from. Ciara’s sire certainly did; for his part, he sought out any whispers of warrior-women on the breeze. That’s certainly what brought him to Ireland, chasing down rumors of Celts brave and strong enough to have challenged Rome. In this particular case, however, he arrived centuries too late for the legends to be anything but that; all he found was a collection of squabbling territories quite akin to any number of others elsewhere. Still, he stayed on the island for years running possible hints to earth and discarding them one at a time. Ciara was a somewhat impulsively-ghouled research assistant at first; her sire wanted a native to learn from and to use as his eyes and ears, and she had been maimed and left for dead by a group of young toughs. The wounds left behind on her face and throat refused to heal permanently, however, and eventually, after years of service, he Embraced her fully by her own request.

Eventually, however, their paths parted ways; his taking him towards new whispers of faces of Lilith, hers towards her own interpretation of the Road her sire had started her down. Where he focused on uncovering the secrets of Lilith, Ciara found herself drawn to the Dark Mother’s aspect as a creator and a teacher. Over time, she made her way to a nexus of sorts; Constantinople, a place rich in untold and uncrafted stories and drenched in well-kept secrets — a heady draught for any follower of Lilith. She’s taken the time to establish herself in this new home, putting together the kind of personal infrastructure needed to ensure she can feed in peace despite her handicaps, and with that done, it’s time to turn her attention to different pursuits.

Physical (3):

Strength: 2 Dex: 3 Stamina: 3

Social (5):

Charisma: 2 Manipulation: 4 (Persuasive) Appearance: 3

Mental (7):

Perception: 3 Intelligence: 4 (Research) Wits: 5 (Creative)


Talents (13):

Alertness: 2
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 2
Brawl: 2
Empathy: 2
Intimidation: 2
Leadership: 2
Subterfuge: 4 (Specialization: Selective Omission)

Skills (9):

Etiquette: 1
Performance: 3
Stealth: 3
Survival: 2

Knowledges (5):

Investigation: 2
Occult: 3
Medicine: 2
Theology: 1

Advantages :


Clan (5):
Fortitude: 3
Necromancy: 5
—Path of the Twilight Garden: 5
Potence: 1


Auspex 1
Celerity 1
Dominate 3 (31 xp)
Obfuscate 2 (17 xp)

Necromantic Rituals:
Level 1:
Final Sight

Level 2:
Memento Mori

Level 3:
Tempest Shield

Level 4:
Vision of St. Anthony

Level 5:
Chill of Oblivion

Backgrounds (5) (+14 Freebie)

Domain: 2
Herd: 3
Generation: 5
Resources: 3

Domain, Herd, and Resources combined into a comfortable estate in the nobility’s district. Given the limitations imposed by her choice of Road, her bloodline, and the particularly vicious form her bloodline curse has taken, Ciara has gone well out of her way to establish a safe, secure base from which to feed without murdering her victims in job lots. Whenever possible, she relies on voluntarily- (or ‘voluntarily’-) drained blood rather than directly feeding from her prey.

Virtues (7)

Conviction: 4 Instinct: 3 Courage: 4

Willpower: 8

Road of Lilith: 6 (Carved and Bleeding: A Bahari’s aura manifests as any other vampire’s might, though chunks and swirls may appear carved out of the whole. If one concentrates, they might think they see symbols in these shifting carvings, but can catch none of them. Further, the aura seems to bleed or drip, making the ‘carvings’ appear more like wounds. Acts of creation receive the character’s Aura modifier.)

Hierarchy of Sins against Who You Are
Score Minimum Wrongdoing Rationale
10 – Feeding immediately when hungry – There is a lesson in every denial, and there is control in self-denial.
9 – Joining a system created by those with no wisdom – Live outside their lies.
8 – Ignoring one of Lilith’s faces – Wherever you go, the Dark Mother has left messages for you. Read their myths and show them where Lilith lives.
7 – Rejecting the suffering of others or dismissing it – Teach whenever the opportunity presents itself, even if you think the lessons learned would be beneath you.
*6 – Cruelty for its own sake – As a teacher, you must craft your lessons. Petty abuses are beneath you. The pain you inflict must be divine.
*5 – Stealing great learning and claiming it as your own – If you did not discover the wisdom yourself, you have no rights claiming it or authority based on it.
*4 – Destroying a thinking being – They can neither learn from you nor teach you if they have been destroyed.
*3 – Not seeking out the teachings of Lilith – Turn over the leaf, split the wood, and find her secrets wherever they hide.
*2 – Getting between someone and a valuable lesson – Better to pull the stars from the heavens than to rob someone of moments of true gnosis.
*1 – Shunning pain – The harder it is, the more rewarding the growth.

Merits and Flaws (Total Cost: 1 Freebie Points):


Blush of Health (2 pts): The Embrace that claimed you did not entirely leach away the tells of your former life. Your skin is cool to the touch rather than cold, retaining a healthy fullness as if blood skill coursed through your veins. You easily pass as a mortal against all but the most thorough examination and the Storyteller may choose to lower the difficulty or reduce penalties to rolls to convince others of your mortality.

Efficient Digestion (3 pts): Your internal vampiric systems work faster and more effectively than most, granting you more a greater yield from feeding. Gain an additional blood point for every two you consume.

Lingua Franca (1 pt): You are able to speak a mixed language made of common tongues that most people you encounter will understand. You may not be able to hold philosophical discussions, but you can navigate your way through conversations in most places and will be able to communicate sufficiently in dire situations.

Literacy (1 pt): I’m not fucking explaining this.

Multi-Lingual (2 pts): Greek, Latin, Arabic, Old Gaelic, Gaelic


Grip of the Damned (4 pts): When you drink from a mortal, they do not slip quietly into submission, instead retaining full, fearful consciousness. Many scream and thrash, doing everything to stop you from feasting on their blood. Mechanically, you must grapple with a target when you wish to feed on him. Additionally, it may prove difficult to conceal your actions from other mortals when you are wrestling with a howling victim. At the Storyteller’s discretion, this may be taxing to particularly chaste members of certain Roads. (In Ciara’s case, the wasting plague of the Lamia curse begins acting almost immediately…and any victim she feeds on knows that quite, quite horribly well.)

Permanent Wound (3 pts): By some misfortune, a wound sustained in your mortal life refuses to heal, forever open and weeping. When you wake at night, you always begin at the Wounded health level. No source of healing can cure this damage permanently, but you may spend blood points each night to heal it. (Ciara’s face and throat are slashed to ribbons by what looks like many knife-cuts, a trauma from just before her Embrace that refuses to permanently heal. On the plus side, it makes a wonderful alarm clock and an utterly terrifying memory to force on the unwitting.)

Deep Sleeper (1 pt): Increase the difficulty of any rolls to wake the character during daytime by two. (The side-effect of having horrifying facial wounds to wake up to is that awakening before they fully reassert themselves is difficult at best)

Personal Belongings:

Lightweight leather armour (2 armour)
Unornamented but well-fitted, quality tunic, trousers, and boots.
Formal-wear suitable for proper court functions.

Blood Pool: 13/20
Can Spend 4 Blood Per Round
Current Willpower: 6/8

Bruised: 0
Lethal: 0
Aggravated: 0

Bruised 0:
Hurt -1:
Injured -1:
Wounded -2:
Mauled -2:
Crippled -5:
Incapacitated (Fuck):

XP: 166
Spent: 166
Available: 0

Freebie Listing:
Backgrounds: 14 Freebies
Conviction 4: 2 Freebies
Subterfuge 4: 2 Freebies
Merits/Flaws: 1 Freebie
Willpower (4-8): 6 Freebies

XP Listing:

Dex 2 (4 xp)
Dex 3 (8 xp)
Appearance 3 (8 xp)
Perception 2 (4 xp)
Perception 3 (8 xp)
Dominate (New Discipline) (10 xp)
Obfuscate (New Discipline) (10 xp)
Fortitude 3 (10 xp)
Dominate 2 (7 xp)
Dominate 3 (14 xp)
Obfuscate 2 (7 xp)
Medicine 2 (2 xp)
Leadership 2 (2 xp)
Intimidation 2 (2 xp)
Awareness 2 (2 xp)
Investigation 2 (2 xp)
Theology 1 (3 xp)
Necromancy 3 (10 xp)
Celerity 1 (10 xp)
Brawling 2 (2 xp)
Necromancy 4 (15 xp)
Necromancy 5 (20 xp)


Ciara Nic Éire

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