Ignacio de Seville


Social: (Primary)
Charisma: 4 [Charming]
Manipulation: 3
Appearance: 3

Physical: (Secondary)
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 4 [Catlike Reflexes]
Stamina: 3

Mental: (Tertiary)
Perception: 3
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3

Skills: (Primary)
Brawl: 2
Crafts (Painting): 5 [Details]
Etiquette: 3
Melee: 4 [Swords]
Performance: 3
Ride: 1
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2

Talents: (Secondary)
Empathy: 4 [Emotions]
Expression: 2
Athletics: 3
Alertness: 3
Awareness: 2
Subterfuge: 3
Intimidation: 4 [Emotional Manipulation]

Knowledge: (Tertiary)
Academics: 2
Politics: 3
Seneschal: 1
Theology: 2
Enigmas: 1

Auspex: 3
- Heightened Senses: Cost: 0, Use: Reflexive, Effect: -3 difficulty to sense use (sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch)
- Read the Soul: Cost 0, Use: Perception + Empathy (Difficulty 8)
- The Spirit’s Touch: Cost 0, Use: Perception + Empathy (Difficulty varies)

Celerity: 3
- Passive: +3 Dice to all dexterity related rolls including initiative. +3 meters to movement per turn.
- Active: Spend one blood point reflexively. Ignore up to +3 points of difficulty due to multiple actions. Up to 2 additional actions may be attack actions. Multiply speed by 4 for a combat turn or a scene at the cost of one blood point.

Fortitude: 2
- Passive: +2 die to all stamina based dice pools including soak rating for bashing and lethal damage. A Vampire may use her fortitude rating as soak against aggravated damage.
- Active: Once per turn, spend a blood point to automatically soak Fortitude rating in damage instead of adding it to Stamina. This can be used to soak aggravated damage but not damage from fire or sunlight.

Potence: 2
- Passive: +2 die to all strength-based dice pools.
- Active: Spend one blood point reflexively to turn those dice into automatic successes for the turn. In hand to hand combat, this means automatic successes on the damage roll.

Presence: 5
- Awe: Cost 1, Use: Charisma + Performance (Difficulty 7)
- Dread Gaze: Cost 0, Use: Charisma + Intimidate (Difficulty Wits + Courage of target)
- Entrancement: Cost 1, Use: Appearance + Empathy (Difficulty current Willpower of target)
- Summon: Cost 1, Use: Charisma + Subterfuge (Difficulty varies)
- Majesty: Cost 1 WP, Use: A subject must make a courage roll vs Charisma + Intimidate (8) to be rude or contrary to the Vampire.

- Hand of the Master Artisan: Spend a point of blood. The vampire can craft what a human could in an hour over the course of a one-minute turn. With multiple blood points, she can create enormous art installations or even houses in under an hour. Alternatively, she can use a blood point to create what would take a minute in a three-second turn. This allows the vampire to create complex traps on the fly.

Generation: 3 (9th Generation 14 Blood Pool/2 Blood Use)
Resources: 4(5)*
Herd: 3 (Low Side)
Retainers: 3 (2x above average ghoul retainers)
Domain: 2
Fame: 2

Conscience: 3
Self-Control: 4
Courage: 4

Willpower: 7
Blood Points: 14/14
Road: Humanity 6 (Aura: Normalcy)
Initiative: 1d10+10
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Architect

Standard: 10 meters
Jogging: 19 meters
All Out Run: 35 meters
Movement w/ Celerity: Movement x 4 Meters

Freebies: 25
+1 Perception (-5)
Resources (-3)
Retainers (-3)
Herd (-2)
Craft (Painting) (-4)
Expression: (-2)
Domain (-2)
Fame (-2)
Willpower (-3)

Gained: 228
Used: 220
Remaining: 8

Broadsword -———————— Strength +3 L -——- Difficulty 6
Dagger -———————————- Strength + 1L -———— Difficulty 5
Composite Armor -—————— Armor 3 -——————-
Light Helm -——————————- Armor 3 -——————- Perception (-1)
Heavy Clothing—————————— Armor 1 -——————-
Chain Shirt -——————————— Armor 3 -———————

XP Expenditures
Intimidation 0 → 1 (3xp)
Intimidation 1 → 2 (2xp)
Intimidation 2 → 3 (4xp)
Awareness 0 → 1 (3xp)
Awareness 1 → 2 (2xp)
Performance 0 → 1 (3xp)
Performance 1 → 2 (2xp)
Performance 2 → 3 (4xp)
Subterfuge 1 → 2 (2xp)
Subterfuge 2 → 3 (4xp)
Athletics 2 → 3 (4xp)
Presence 1 → 2 (5xp)
Celerity 1 → 2 (5xp)
Celerity 2 → 3 (10xp)
Presence 2 → 3 (10xp)
Auspex 2 → 3 (10xp)
Strength 2 → 3 (8xp)
Wits 2 → 3 (8xp)
Survival 1 → 2 (2xp)
Empathy 3 → 4 (6xp)
Brawl 0 → 1 (3xp)
Politics 1 → 2 (2xp)
Politics 2 → 3 (4xp)
Seneschal 0 → 1 (3xp)
Melee 3 → 4 (6xp)
Potence 0 → 1 (10xp)
Fortitude 0 → 1 (10xp)
Potence 1 → 2 (7xp)
Fortitude 1 → 2 (7xp)
Stamina 2 → 3 (8xp)
Courage 3 → 4 (6xp)
Brawl 1 → 2 (2xp)
Intimidate 3 → 4 (6xp)
Alertness 2 → 3 (4xp)
Hand of the Master Artisan (7xp)
Theology 1 → 2 (2xp)
Presence 3 → 4 (15xp)
Presence 4 → 5 (20 xp)


Elias and Isabel: Elias and his twin sister Isabel are Ignacio’s oldest servants. They arrived with him from Spain and have become the most visible members of Ignacio’s entourage. Elias functions predominantly as his agent, securing work and gathering information about a wide range of subjects and activities throughout the city. His sister on the other hand functions as the head of house hold and financial planner. Elias and Isabel have imbibed Ignacio’s vitae and function as ghouls.

Art Creations
Painting of the Honor Rites to Helgi’s Sire (6 successes)
Painting of Signora Lucrezzia (Completed)
Painting of the “Golden Haired Youth” (8 successes)
Painting of the Dex Monica in her gardens and her pool commissioned by Lucretzia (9 successes – Finished)
Painting of the Scene where Marcus and Lucretzia established their rule (5 successes)
Painting of the Ascension (Pending)
Assist Marcus in bringing back Roman inspired creations to his home and perhaps the Latin Quarter as a whole (Pending)

Gameplay Changes
Herd +1 (Blood Dolls)
Humanity -1 (First Raid vs the Baron’s forces)
+1 resources due to raiding of Bishop Alfonso’s treasure ships and other factors in the conflict.
Gained a boon from Consul Marcus Sartorius Postumus.
Commission the creation of various high quality clothing (incorporating sea silk, silk, and various other materials), various weapons and armors with the incorporation of the rose and other specified imagery.

Church Contacts
Bishop Enrico Guie
Father Gerardo Boerio
Father Massimo Lagorio

Household Guards
12 Honor Guard
18 House Hold Guard
18 Mercenaries


Ignacio was born in 1095 an illegitimate child of Alfonso VI King of Leon and Zaida de Seville. His mother died during childbirth and his father made arrangement for his son to be raised in a manner befitting of his bloodline. Ignacio was raised in Leon and was given every opportunity and advantage that his siblings enjoyed if away from the public eye. His father did not openly acknowledge him but those that cared for him treated him as if he were Spanish nobility. His existence quickly become an open secret to those in the upper circles of Spanish nobility.

During childhood he was taught to read and write by the same tutors that taught his more fortunate siblings. He was educated, cared for and trained in a similar manner to his famous half-brothers and sisters. In the shadows of Leon, his knowledge expanded as he was slowly trained to take his place in the coming world. His place of course would never be alongside his legitimate brothers and sisters. However, his father intended to give him every opportunity to find his own place in the world. When Ignacio was of age, he expressed an interest in learning of arts and history. Arrangements were made so that he would be tutored in these matters and others by some of the most notable minds of the age.

He spent several years in a time of learning and exploration. By the end of his first year, he had shown an interest in mathematics, economics and theology. It was in art however, that his true passion and skill laid. By the end of his second year, he was one of the most talented painters of his cohort. By the end of this third, he had matched many of his teachers and surpassed others. His world quickly began to orbit around his art and the focus of his studies shifted from mathematics and economics to iconography. During his fourth year, his talent was no longer contained within the company of his teachers and a handful of other learners but was carried throughout the Kingdom proper in the lips of former students and instructors alike. By the end of the year, when it seemed that Ignacio was ready to begin his career as an artist tragedy struck as his lover of two years Isabella Reyes died.

The loss of his lover was a profound shock to Ignacio. He stopped painting, ceased attending all lessons and social gatherings and sought seclusion for over a year. Fifteen months after the loss of Isabella, he emerged ready to transition into the priesthood seeking comfort in the embrace of the divine. He spent exactly two and a half weeks in the clergy before he was found by one of his teachers. When his teacher’s words could not sway him to pick up his brush, his teacher a Toreador that was unwilling to allow one of the greatest mortal talents he had seen in his life toss his gift away turned him.

The transition to a vampire was not an easy one for Ignacio. At first, he was shocked, mortified and incensed at what had transpired. He was furious with his sire but at the same time, the changes that his new form had brought about were full of potential. It was during these dark days of contemplation, where he found his focus on art rekindled. His first pieces after his embrace where some of his darkest work as he focused inward and tried to explain the new beast within him. It took him over a year for his relationship with his sire to be anything but strained but as time passed he found that he was in many respects thankful to his sire for allowing him to rediscover his talent as a painter. He made no effort to return to Leon, aware that his current circumstances would not be understood by those that had raised him. For over three years, he watched from the shadows as attempts were made to discover the cause of his disappearance. In the end, he did not allow himself to be found and Ignacio de Seville was presumed dead.

He followed his sire for several decades moving from one place to another. He visited the various kingdoms of the Iberia, visited Rome, Sicily as well as Venice and a dozen other cities including some of the cultural centers in the Muslim world. All the while, he practiced his trade ever seeking to refine his talents. His sire made certain that he was exposed to a myriad of people, cultures and styles of art. In January of 1165 everything changed. His sire, the one constant in his life since his embrace vanished. She left a note indicating that she could no longer stay with him. Ignacio was no longer a childe and was now capable of taking care of himself. She thanked him for having shared her life over the six decades that they had spent together, but now it was time for him to find his own way. Her final gift to him was a suggestion that Constantinople might be a suitable location for him to establish himself and left a single piece of advice.

Seek Michael’s court.

Upon arrival upon Constantinople in 1175 the Vampire called Ignacio wasted little time in establishing himself. He had arrived with a pair of twins a boy and a girl each no older than sixteen years old or so. Within a decade, he had established himself as one of the preeminent artists in a city with the reputation of being the artistic and cultural center of the world. By 1190, he was one of the richest, most renowned and in demand artists in the city.

Ignacio de Seville

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